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Pens are one my favourite things to collect. I remember when I was younger, I used to collect cute pens from Disneyland, Kikki.k and other cute and fancy pens that I can find during our travels. This is one of my weaknesses. I asked friends to buy me pens whenever they travel too. And I realised now how I’m surrounded with great friends for buying it for me too.

Few years back when I learned to let go of the things I didn’t use anymore, I gave all of them. Because seriously, it was really a lot and they were already consuming a lot of space. Luckily, those babies found a new home.

After that, I was just into plain and functional pens. Mostly, Muji because they write smoothly. It serves its purpose and that’s just it. But recently, I was itching to shop for a new pen for my journaling. I guess, old habits never die, right?

So, I checked my stationery shop, Artisan Paperie, if there are pens that haven’t tried yet that I have on display. Then this fountain pen caught my eye. And so, I grab this cute pastel pink Pilot Kakuno and tried it.

I tried fountain pens before, just the cheap ones and I never really enjoyed using it. But when I tried this Pilot Kakuno, I had this “lukso ng dugo” (blood leap) right away. My love for pens was awaken.

After I tried it, I can’t stop using it. I was actually inspired to write anything. Do you have that feeling too? I remember when I was still in school, I was so eager to write down notes because I want to use my fancy pens. And it felt like that again.

After this, I found myself, searching, reading and watching reviews about certain fountain pens that can be use for sketching. And I’m scared because this baby doesn’t cost like a Muji pen that you can buy without having second thoughts. Plus, if you’ll lose this, you’ll not only feel bad for losing that one trustee pen you have but also because you lost your money too.

Anyway, this Pilot Kakuno is definitely a good buy. It cost more than just a usual pen, of course but reasonable enough compared to other fountain pens.

I’ve watched from other reviews that this is a great for starters. And I would totally agree. Let me share my thoughts about this Pilot Kakuno and a pen test on different papers in my video.

If you’re new to fountain pen, like me and my friend, Dallee (hi, if you’re reading this, lol). I would totally suggest this if you want to get start with fountain pens. It doesn’t hurt your wallet that much and it gives you the basic features of the expensive ones.

Now, this is my go to pen for journaling now since, Artisan Paperie’ Pandagdag pages can handle it well. Just like in the photo. I tried using it for sketching too and I like how it feels.

So, have you tried using fountain pens too? If yes, what’s your favourite brand so far and why do you like it? Would love to know your thoughts on this, so I’ll have reference next time in case I want to buy again.

Some of my friends recommends TWSBI and I’m also eyeing Lamy. What do you think?


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