8 Basic Materials For Journaling

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June will be about journaling for me. Or probably until next month or so… Seriously, I’ve gone crazy about journaling. But in a good crazy way because it’s really making me happy. And every time I feel stressed, anxious, I just get my journal right away. Either I scroll my pages or I write something about how I’m feeling during that time.

Now, if you’ve been wanting to try journaling, perhaps you’re a beginner or you just simply enjoy watching journaling videos, I have curated 8 basic materials that I use for you.

Creative journaling is truly fun. But it can also be a hindrance from starting. We can get overwhelmed by all those pretty materials that we see from our feed and it can be expensive too.

But journaling in general does not need any fancy thing at all. All you need is a journal, pen and you’re good to go.

In this video, I shared my 8 basic materials for journaling. I want to emphasize – basic because these are the materials you can find on your desk.

Here are my list of journaling materials:

(1) Pens; (2) Correction Tape; (3) Glue; (4) Scissors; (5) Washi Tape; (6) Photos and ephemeras; (7) Mini Stapler; (8) Clip.

In the video, you will see what brands I normally used. Although I’m not really particular with the brand, I just thought it might be nice just to see what I use, especially the pens. As for the journal, I’m using my very own, Artisan Paperie’s Pandagdag journal.

I shared these things with you to encourage you and let you see, that even with simple materials, you can already start journaling.


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