Artisan Paperie’s Pandagdag No.402 Traveler’s Notebook Refill Launch

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Last May 20, I launched another version of my very own Artisan Paperie Traveler’s Notebook refill.

My very first Pandagdag traveler’s notebook refill was still last 2017. Since then, I wasn’t able to add another journal in my product line and less journaling too. Boo, for me!

Anyway, since the pandemic started, priorities have changed and a lot of moments were treasured that I wanted to document and thoughts and ideas that I wanted to list down. And I did! Until it came to the point, I don’t have any refills available anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I just consumed 1 or 2 refills, haha. I’m slow in documenting and journaling. But, I don’t have any more extras…

Thus, came the idea of creating another version of my own refill. This became my motivation. Also, I wanted to be a mindful spender this year. So, instead of buying, I used this to pushed myself in adding another product to my webshop. And, so I can journal more. (Crossing fingers here).

And boy! That reason was such a good idea! Not only, I get to make another journal and get to feel the papers again (sorry, I just have this love affair with papers, lol) but I also learned to love journaling all the more. I was in my element. I’m studying papers; feeling and testing them out; cutting and assembling. Though, it really took me months to finalised everything. Especially, that I had limited time to work plus, I cannot go out that much to buy supplies.

But last May 21, I finally launched my second version of Pandagdag… woohoo!!! And it is now called Pandagdag No.402. You can read why it’s called Pandagdag here.

As for the number, it’s my indication of the journal size.

Number 4 – is the size of the regular TN. It’s about 4.76 x 8.74 in. And since I’m planning to add more sizes in my Pandagdag series like the A5 size, the starting number will tell me right away which journal it is.

As for the number 02 – it’s the second version of the Pandagdag.

The first Pandagdag has different papers inside. It had white, vellum, black and kraft papers for the pages.

This time, I sticking with one paper but with different functionality. Now, it has blank, dotted and grid.

I left the cover empty compared the version 1 because I realised, some people like decorating the cover which I just also learned not so long ago.

I’m mighty proud of this one. Because unlike before, I had an assistant to help out with the production. This time, it’s just all me, baby! From conceptualising, designing, printing, cutting, assembling to packing. Oh, my goodness! It’s a whole lot of love, I tell you. So, if you see imperfections, please do remember, it’s really handmade.

Anyway, before the launched, I popped it quickly over my channel to share more about the Pandagdag journal.

To sum it up. Here are the details of my Artisan Paperie Pandagdag No.402 journal.

Cover is made of 100% recycled paper.

90gsm, 30-pages (15sheets) in ivory cream smooth paper

Black spine in staple-bind

4.33 x 8.25in; 11 x 21cm (perfect fit for TN covers)

Has 3 different pages types: Plain, Dotted, Grid

Proudly made from dainty studio in Davao City, Philippines

If you’re looking for another journal to try or add as your refills, Pandagdag No.402 is available in my stationery shop, Artisan Paperie, or in the webshop.

To those who ordered, I am so thankful for your love and support. I was really overwhelmed with the orders I got from friends and people who followed me on Instagram: @iam_artisan. I am truly happy you guys wanted to buy this. Also, I have few more freebies left that I include in your order.

I am hoping you and the Pandagdag journal will have a great time with your ideas or memories.


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