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Have you tried doing something and then suddenly an idea pop up?

That’s what happened when I was journaling one night. I was adding kraft and black paper as background. And I thought, what if the entire page is either a kraft or black paper already. Then, I don’t have to glue them anymore, right?

The next day, I checked my supplies in the studio and found 4 types of paper that are suitable as refill pages. I cut them out and assembled them into a travel journal refill.

Hence, the birth of Artisan Paperie‘s new stationery product. Pandagdag, a travel journal refill.

And just like Blangko, Pandagdag was named by Wacky. Now, I have a series of stationery with tagalog terms.

Pandagdag a tagalog term for refill. It’s the same size of any travel journal, so if you have a cover already, you can just simply add this inside. I’m using Airees Creates by the way.

This refill comes in a set. You see, as I was journaling, I needed some journal cards that are in line to my way of journaling. Most of the journal cards I found were colourful or it has quotes in it. Some were useful to me, but I always like the vintage and classic style. So, I made my own. And these are part of the Pandagdag set – 4 different journal cards. I wasn’t able to sell this before but I gave few sets of journal cards to one of Marryl Crafts‘ events last year in Cebu.

Another thing that comes in the Pandagdag set which I think is quite useful are my label stickers. It includes 10 pieces of different label stickers. You can use this for titles or for quotes. You can also use this as gift tag

Now, the papers… I’ve decided to add 4 different papers as pages. Inside you’ll find: 4 white; 4 kraft; 4 black and 4 transparent.

Pentel soft tip marker on white paper.

Journaled about the Watercolour Exhibit I joined last July. Stamps, embellishment and fountain pen on kraft

A continuation of the Watercolour Exhibit journal. Using Marvy Brush pens and Kikki.k ballpoint pen with washi tapes and Artisan Paperie Journal Card on this spread.

Pointed pen with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bronze ink on black paper.

Buy Here

It is now available for pre-order and with a promo. Pandagdag‘s regular price is at Php140, but I’m offering Php20 OFF during pre-order period. Until September 23 (my sister’s birthday).

I just opened another online shop. So, you can purchase it here. I used to have problems with my online shop before. This time, I opened with My Shopify. I heard so many good things about this e-commerce platform, Hopefully, it will serve me well. I’ll upload more items here. Also, I’m on a trial period, sorry if you need to input a password upon checkout. If you’ll occur any problem, feel free to email me at [email protected] 

I hope, Pandagdag will bring more creative ideas while your journaling.


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