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Just like that… 4th quarter of the year is finally here… and it’s approaching like a bullet train. Reminds me of our Shinkansen experience from Osaka to Kyoto. Where we weren’t really able to fully enjoy the ride because we were still so amased then suddenly we’ve already arrived. It was that quick. That’s how months felt like nowadays.

Alright, a little recap how September went and what’s going on in our little messy studio.

Mid September, we celebrated Wacky’s birthday at La Union. Wacky summed up our trip on his blog. Didn’t take much photos because I was enjoying the entire trip without touching my phone and I was sketching from time to time.

When I got back, it was all work. Meeting deadlines and fixing semi major problems in Yellow Hauz. One of the things that kept us busy was this beach themed invitation. Yes! You heard that right- invitation. If you’ve been following around, Artisan Paperie used to be a design studio and we make wedding stationery. Then, I stopped for about 2years I think. Though, I wouldn’t really say, I’m back to designing wedding suite but we do accept few clients once in a while.

Another thing that’s keeping us busy but technically on hold since we are prioritising the invites for now is the new stationery line of Artisan Paperie, PandagdagThis travel journal refill will be available on hand this week. And we have a treat for you. We’ll add extra freebie for those who will buy within this week. Follow us on instagram: @artisanpaperie to keep you posted.

There’s more and quite a lot of mess happening in the studio right now. Slowly, I’m destashing arts and crafts materials and personal stuff on Carousell, you can check them and let me know if you want something from there.

I’ve neglected painting again but I’m really trying to squeeze a little time for it. I’m on to the 9th small painting from the book and I felt rusty when I started again. So yeah! Need to go back. The 14×20 inch watercolour painting I’m doing is still sitting down on the easel. Gotta set a deadline for that. Otherwise, it’s just gonna sit there forever and I can finally say “may forever,” LOL.

Here are few good reads that I thought you might find interesting:

 • Finding time to paint by Anna Mason

Creative Businsess by Tabitha Emma

These are just few of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging, which I miss so badly. I’m trying to keep up but I keep procrastinating and playing online poker during my rest time, haha.

How about you, friends? How are you holding up? And what’s keeping you busy this Ber months? Do you have any creative blog that would like to share? Would like to know about that too.


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