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I get giddy everytime I have an order outside my city… I just love preparing packages, write some notes and add some freebies to my orders. The big one will be sent to Manila and the small one to Atlanta. I just love the feeling sending my designs to other places.

I wanted to add a doily or more embellishments but apparently, I run out of stocks. So stamps will do the trick…

Off they go to the post office
Package made with love
A simple thank you card and a freebie inside my little package

Of course, part of the fun in sending packages is to add some custom address stickers.

Address stickers for the envelopes

How do you pack your packages? I’m such a package fanatic, I hope you can share your style too…


3 thoughts on “Package time”

  1. I get the same feeling but I think you are far more OC than me, joke! LOL! 😉 I would love to add some stamping on my packaging before but I just cannot do them given the little time allowance in between orders. Nevertheless, I handwrite a small thank you message & a wedding prayer for my client couples as a token of my gratitude for their trust in me in making their invites.

    But, these are the times when I just would like to CREATE for the sake of creating and nothing else. Its been a long time and my soul is yearning for it……

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