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Updated: Here’s the link of the new look.

This has been a long due project that I’ve always wanted to do… to repaint my room. And since I’m having a little quarter life crisis, I’ve decided this could be the right time to re-do my bright wall room.

Here's my old room wall paint
My clutter bright room. Orange used to be my fave color when I was younger.

If you were able to catch up with my room dilemma, I have finally decided on what color to use… I’ve chose Porcelain White as the paint named it. So I went to City Hardware with my  sister Sandy and friend Lele {we just dragged him along since he was bored}.

Shopping for paints

Before we went paint shopping, I’ve list down all the things I needed. I have no idea about painting a wall but it’s so amazing how Lowe’s from youtube helped me in every detail. They also have a converter where you can check how many gallons of paint you’ll need. From watching the videos, I simplified the materials I needed:

• 1 gallon latex white paint – for my first coat

• 1 gallon latex Porcelain White – final color

• 1 pint enamel white paint – for the wood fixtures

• Roller brush kit; 1 small roller brush

• Wall Putty and Scrapper

• Paint Thinner

• Rubber gloves

• Paint Brushes – Big and Small

• Sand Paper

Materials I needed

I started covering up all the cracks of the walls using wall putty and scrapper then sand paper to make it even.

putty for my cracky

I was advised to have a first coating since my wall was bright orange.

Here goes my first coating
The ugly truth of my room... First coating was easy on a plain flat surface
But the high areas and the part with lights, aircon, etc were difficult to paint at...

Okay, seriously… this is not an easy thing to do. My friend Lele was really laughing at me for having this idea. But I’m stubborn and I want to learn the hard way. Gladly enough I did because somehow it was fun. And I’m so thankful to my other friend, Yancy whom I’m claiming as my bestfriend lol, for giving me some tips. You did make me feel that this is an easy job, but it’s really not, haha.

On the ugly truth side, there are a lot of loopholes I learned and so even though I’m not a paint expert, I’ll share some tips to make your life easier in case you’re like me who’s bored and stubborn enough to paint a room.

Repainting Tips:

• DON’T ever believe the shopping channel. Specially the paint zoom, it’s not easy to use. I thought I can repaint my room using it {yes, I have one, haha} but unfortunately, I went back to the basics which is the roller brush.

• Latex is for cement and it has less oder so no need to buy odorless kind, which is more expensive than the ordinary one. Enamel is for wood. If you have a budget, mixed paint is more recommended as they say.

• Roller brush is your bestfriend. It’s easy to use and it can make your life so much easier. So buy different sizes. Two sizes will do, one big/long for the big walls and a smaller one for the small areas.

• Since roller brush is convenient, roller stick is another helpful tool. You can buy one in the hardware, but you can also use some old stick you can find in your home.

• For the non-painters like me, try to buy a nice set of paint brush. Again on two sizes, big and small. You’ll need this for the edges, where the roller brush can’t reached. I first bought a cheap one but since I’m really not a painter, it was hard for me to control. So fine brush can really make your life easier.

• I’m not an endorser {but how I wish} but the videos from Lowe’s are truly helpful. Specially in preparing your room before you’ll start painting. And the calculator as one of their tools are also very convenient.

• Lastly, MAKE SURE all the other areas that need not to be paint must be covered with newspaper or large masking tape.

I’ll update again once my room is done. If you can think of another helpful tips, would love to hear them…


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