One card making afternoon with LMGC team

Crafting + Workshop

If you were able to follow my posts, do you remember my trip to Manila for the craft soiree? Well, actually I scheduled to meet a lot of crafter friends that time. So yes, it was totally a craft week for me and boy I miss this day.

Rochelle from Let’s Make Greeting Card organized a card making afternoon for all her design team here in the Philippines. Although we’ve been chatting online but it was great to finally meet Aileen and Kathleen for the first time.

Sunshine was kind enough to lend her workspace and let us used all her materials. As in literally alllll her craft materials. My eyes got big when I saw her workspace all the more when I found out she had BigShot, Cricut, and more. Tell me who wouldn’t if you saw this?

We don’t know where or how to start, we were just so overwhelmed with all the tools. But then we finally got busy and started working or should I say started talking, lol.

That’s me, Aileen, Kathleen and Rochelle.

The three of us was so busy trying out the BigShot. So tempted to buy.

While Rochelle was busy with her cards, or was she? Lol.

Then we finally get to try Cricut, with the help of ate Lang-lang. Oh she knows all the tools.

After how many hours of chatting I meant crafting, haha, we’re finally done with our cards. We were supposed to make 3 designs but only Kathleen who got to finish all 3. Not to mention she came in late, haha. Here we are posing proud for our cards.

These are the cards I made…

This one from Aileen.

Kathleen with her 3 cards. She worked so fast, or perhaps we just talked so much, lol.

 And from Rochelle, the card master, lol and you would know why with her pretty cards… 

When we were almost done, Sunshine came back and joined us for more chatting. Too bad she had to do some errands and couldn’t join us that time. {Kathleen, Me, Sunshine, Rochelle and Aileen}.

I missed these girls and our crafting session. Thank you Rochelle for organizing this, I had so much fun. I hope there’s another one soon.


6 thoughts on “One card making afternoon with LMGC team”

  1. Wow! How you documented our cardmaking day. I completely forgot that you were able to take photos of everyone’s completed handmade cards – though mine i think still need some finishing touches.

    I was thinking sana that we could have exchanged handmade cards that day – sort of card swap with everyone in the local team – save on postage and possibility of lost mails. But I couldn’t let go that time kasi di ko pa nakuhanan ng photo yung mga cards ko and I feel it still need some more for me to say my cards are finally complete. But I guess if we had all swapped, my card recipients could have had a free hand to add an oomph and at an aaahhh to my lovingly created cards. {sigh} It’s about letting go of your own creations which I’m having difficulty. {sigh}

    TFS your blogpost, April!

  2. Wow!! Great post, April!! Thanks for this! 🙂 You really take wonderful photos! And I disagree that I’m a card master, no no no. Haha I just had to make up for it because it was I who chose 3 sketches and I could only complete 2. Haha Ambitious much? And yes, Kathleen indeed worked SO fast! Well, she always does. We attended a scrapbooking class once and I think I was still finishing my first layout when she was preparing to start with her third!! Oh and yes, the three of us talked too much too. Haha Let’s do this again! 🙂 Let us know when you’re in Manila again, Pril!

  3. I forgot to add, that’s a really great idea of us exchanging cards, Kath! Too bad we didn’t think about that at the time.. Well, we can always do this again! :))

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