DIY: Jewelry Organizer


Being an OC person I always have this thing about organizing my jewelries and accessories. They are so cluttered in one corner and sometimes I can’t forgot I have a perfect accessory for a certain outfit because I didn’t notice it. If you’ve seen my DIY‘s, they were mostly easy and very practical. That’s why you’ll surely enjoy this jewelry organizer for a weekend project.


Old frame {big or small}


White spray paint

Glue gun and glue stick

Doily lace

Key hook

Fabric tape {optional}

Push pins


Scissors, Cutter and Cutting mat

How to do it:

{1}  Clean an old frame and spray paint the front. I used white for my frame. Make sure to let it dry for at least a day. Then get your corkboard and cutting supplies then measure it with same size of the frame. Use the backing of the frame to make it easier.

{2}  Once you got the right measurement, glue gun the back of the frame one side at a time  then attached the corkboard. After you’re done from one side, do it on the other side.

{3}  If you’re all set from attaching the corkboard, face the frame front and it’s time to embellish! I’m using a doily lace for the top and buttom part of the frame. Measure the width and glue gun it from the frame.

{4}  Try posistioning wooden hooks on the corkboard so you can see how you would want to arrange it. Once you’ve decided glue gun them on the corkboard. I’m doing mine on both sides, giving a space in the middle.

{5}  Measure the length of the frame using your twine. Add a little extra and cut 3 pieces of the same length. Tie the edge of the twine and start braiding. This will make it stronger.

{6}  Then tie the twine on the push pin and attached it on both edges of the frame.

{7}  It’s time to hang it up on the wall. You can still add more embellishments like fabric tapes or cut images and florals but I want to keep mine simple.

Now arrange your jewelries and accessories with push pins. I’m using my jewelry organizer for necklaces then will also make another one for bracelets and rings.

Don’t you love how you can see them all neatly and organized? And seriously, you can do this is less than an hour, just perfect for a boring weekend. If you feel inspired and still looking for another DIY organizer, you can check my board in pinterest.


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