Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

It had been a week since I came out from the hospital and boy I’m so happy to be back into crafting, working and sadly been eating a lot, as in seriously a lot!

Before the day ends, here’s a recap of what happened last week. If you feel like browsing some more, you can check Instagram Sunday or you can add me: @iam_artisan.

{1}  Back in my studio working. Been trying to avoid sugar but I just couldn’t resist it. So I had a milktea from Yellow Hauz. No regrets though.

{2}  Wanted to have a new iPhone case but no budget so I DIY my old one. An easy peasy project using washi tape.

{3}  Baked and ate my very first vanilla cupcake with the help of my baker sister Sandy. We’re prepping up for her birthday dinner. I was proud and happy about it.

{4} We celebrated my sister’s birthday today and we had a little dinner party at Yellow Hauz. I decorated the place with pinwheels, chain garland and balloons. Will post the tutorials of party decors this week.

Looking forward for another week…I wonder how busy I will get this week… How did your Sunday go?


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