DIY: iPhone Case with Washi Tape


I’ve been itching to buy a new iPhone case recently but being the “kuripot” and honestly no budget at all {there goes the truth! haha}, I DIY‘ed my own iphone case instead. I was wondering how to do it and a lot of ideas came into mind like decoupage and embellishments. But then I’m too lazy for those things since I know I’ll be spending more time with it. So the washi tapes came into rescue.

Washi tapes are one of the crafty people’s no.1 must have. It’s so versatile in so many ways. Though technically, they are just so cute that you just have to have one. For those whose wondering what you can do with it, then here’s a great and easy idea!

Materials you’ll need:

• Old iPhone case

• Washi tape {I used MT black and white stripes}

• Small scissors and cutter

How to do it:

{1}  Placed a strip of washi tape at the edge back of an old iPhone case. This will be your basis for alignment. Then cut it leaving a small extra strip. Washi tapes are removable so you can adjust it anytime.

{2}  Once your all done at the back side. Cut the extra edges of the washi tape.

 {3}  Once you’ve clean up the back side, do the same thing on the side part of the iPhone case. Cut a small portion of the washi tape on the curve part so you can fold it neatly.

{4}  This part is optional. I can still see the print of the iPhone case so I doubled the washi tape. I just repeated step 2 and 3.

{5}  Now that your washi tape is all set, it’s time to open those holes for the buttons and camera. I used a pointed cutter {I totally forgot what this cutter is called} and trace the edges of the holes. Do it gently so you won’t scratch your case. And you’re done!

Feels like I have a new iPhone case now… clean, sleek and crafty, but the important thing, it didn’t cost me anything. It pays to be “kuripot” sometimes.

I opted for a simple design but washi tapes have a lot of beautiful designs so that’s up to you. Fabric tapes can also be an alternative, that’s another option you can use. Play with all the designs and mix and match them, let your creativity flow. Just limit it though as you may get overwhelmed. Happy crafty weekend dear friends!


6 thoughts on “DIY: iPhone Case with Washi Tape”

  1. OMG sister! You are truly my missing link! Way back late 2010 when i got bored of my iphone4 case, i took some washi tapes and just taped them away! i only had 3 washi tapes then (at ndi pa masyado uso ang washi at hindi pa ko adik sa kanya!!) and i felt it was cool. Too bad i didn’t document it like u did. Now at least i know im not alone who’s “crazy” as some people would think to put tapes on my case. 🙂

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