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Yellow Hauz

Barista maybe my part-time job in our coffeeshop but I only have at least one coffee or even none in a day. However, there’s one drink that I can drink as much as I can in a day… and it’s milk tea. I remember when we were in Singapore, not a single milk tea store will passed by without me buying there. I’ve really gone crazy with it.

Gladly, Philippines is becoming a tea lover now. And luckily, I have a coffeeshop where I can have the milk tea in the world. What I’m trying to say is… Yellow Hauz is now offering Milk Tea {seriously having one right now}.

Yellow Hauz has 3 different flavors: Classic Milk Tea, Taro and Wintermelon. And you should also try the Chocolate with Rocksalt and Cheese {plain chocolate, no tea}. You can choose your sugar level from 25-100% and various toppings of Milk Pudding, Egg Pudding, Grass Jelly, Nata de coco, Adzuki Beans, Coffee Jelly and of course the famous Black Pearls.

Imagine how many cups I can consume in a day or in a week… I don’t even want to count it… yeah, that’s how crazy I am with it, lol… I hope you’ll enjoy your milk tea as much as I did…


2 thoughts on “Milk Tea Love”

  1. Oh my! How I wish I can fly to davao to have a taste of your coffee shop’s amazing milk tea offerings. The sugar level option is really wonderful. I usually love my beverage just 50% sweet. The rocksalt with cheese has got to be my fave flavor when I tried it at Happy Lemon Greenhills.

  2. Nice! I fell in love with Moonleaf’s Wintermelon Tea when my husband and I visited eLBi last February. Sad to say, Moonleaf doesn’t have a branch here in Davao yet. But thanks to Yellow Hauz, we’ll get a taste of Wintermelon Tea again. I hope it’s just as good, or even better than Moonleaf’s… We’ll visit soon… 🙂

    Dropping by from Davao Bloggers…

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