28 wasn’t bad afterall…

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And the day came when I had to face reality that I’m already 28. Honestly, it wasn’t bad as expected it. After my serene morning, the night was a bit chaotic, but handling it well, lol.

I organized a mini dinner party with my friends. Took this opportunity to prepare a table setting, have my own invitation and souvenirs. The hardest part was I can’t decide how to design my own party {shockers!}. But I sticked to my style: classic and simple as usual. Teal Green and Gray was my motif and white flowers for the accent.

While I was lying under the shaded trees of Pearl Farm, I drew a sketch of my table setting, listed the things I needed and visualized how to make it pretty.

Visualizing my table setting

Of course, I had to make my own invitation, just for the sake of having one, lol. This was just sent through email so I wouldn’t have to print it, hehe.

The set-up turned out pretty nicely as I planned, but unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the whole thing. I’m thinking of doing a second round for another set of friends as my treat and to take a photo again, hehe. I had some few shots though and Chiche made a collage via Instagram.

Collage made by Chiche

I made some simple DIY souvenirs like cookie and tea, which I’ll share later. Folded some printed napkins and added a flower on it. Made some juice and put in a bottle. White flowers on plain jars in the middle of the table. Menu was just simple but Heintje gave me lechon {roasted pig} in behalf of his absence {he went to GenSan for a wedding shoot}, and the dinner got more exciting because of it, lol. And of course, my sweetest sister {coughing}, baked my ever favorite iced-boiled vanilla cake. Even though she hated iced-boiled, she did it very well and beautifully.

A little peak from the table setting
Iced-boiled Vanilla cake is the greatest cake ever, thanks sis, mwah

The night was simply chatting with friends, eating our hearts out and trying to ignore reality that the next day was the opening of Sabroso Food Market, hehe.

Thank you to all who greeted me on facebook, instagram and through sms, I feel so loved and special… truly made my day extra special, like halo-halo with ice cream.


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