DIY: Teabag and Cookie bag

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Last 2 weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday and I prepared some lovely and simple souvenirs so my friends can take home with them. I’m always a fond of repacking things, so what I did was I repacked some tea and cookie and made it more customized.

Here are the things you’ll need:

• Tea bags and Cookie { I used Twinings green tea and Quacker Oats Chocolate Chip}

• Small Glassine or Brown paper bags

• Rubber Stamps and Stamp pad {my stamps were bought from my travels abroad, but you can simply buy thru Etsy or from your local craft stores}

Printable Tea Bag label

How to do it:

1. Get your fave rubber stamps and stamped it on a glassine/brown paper bag. I placed it at the bottom part so it won’t be covered when it’s folded. I used thank you stamp for the cookie and the merci rabbit for the tea.

2. Print and cut the Printable Tea Bag label. I also added a placecard on the print or you can use it as a gift tag as well. Handwritten with notes or your menu or guests’ names.

3. Then replaced the label from the teabag and put it inside the glassine bag without the original packaging. For the cookie, simply put a single cookie inside the glassine bag.

And this is how it looks… this is definitely great for tea parties or intimate gatherings. I placed it beside the plates so my guests can see it right away.

DISCLAIMER: This template is for personal use only and not for commercial. Flower image is a clipart and all tea bags and cookies are repacked. If you want to use this DIY, kindly link back from this post. 


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