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I’m so excited friends!!! Tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Manila to join my first ever craft soiree on Saturday. You may ask, “craft what?” Well, its a day filled with creativity and meeting wonderful people who loves to make crafts. This is organized by Alessa of Life After Breakfast, one of the inspiring blogs I’ve been following.

Illustration banner from Alessa's blog

I don’t only get to meet her in person but I’ll be meeting 15 more new other crafters. How fun can that be? Then I found out that one of my friends, Lorra will also be joining, I was even more excited. Can’t wait for Saturday…

If your a crafter or even in any field, I’m sure you’re sharing the same sentiment here… it’s revitalizing to meet people with the same interests. I for one longed to meet new crafter friends. I get to meet wonderful and creative people only from my blog and yet they are all from Manila. And yes, I’ll be meeting them as well for the very first time. {Why do they all live in Manila?}

As part of our entrance fee, all we have to bring is 15 gifts for the other crafters. Can you imagine when I get home, I’ll be bringing 15 handmades? I can’t grasp my excitement. Anyway, here is what I’ll be giving… a pack of paper goods. I had a hard time thinking what to make {pressure was also not helping}, but I thought, since paper is really my thing, then it would be best to stick with it.

Packed with paper goods

I can’t share what’s inside yet but I really hope they’ll like it…


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