Lettering Ideas For Gift Wrapping


One thing I like about christmas season is the gift wrapping part. I had few blog posts about gift wrapping in different ways. My fascination to it lead me in designing my own gift wrapper. I guess, gift giving is a simple way of making someone happy. The excitement of opening a gift reminds us of our childhood. But to me, I want to give that excitement not only when the gift is already opened but even without knowing what’s inside yet already gives them the same feeling.

If you have been following my Instagram: @iam_artisan or blog, you’d see how I like simple and functional DIY‘s and I use materials that can easily be found.

If you haven’t started your gift wrapping yet or you need another inspiration, here are few simple lettering ideas for gift wrapping.

• Lettering on Black Wrapper


Artisan Paperie Black Gift WrapperChalk pen; Washi tapes.

How To:

• Just simply wrap it with the black gift wrapper and write your holiday greeting.

• Washi tapes can add colour to your gift. You can also use washi tapes with christmas words or theme.

• Lettering on Coin Envelope


Coin envelope; Washi Tapes, Marker or pen (black or white); Sticker

How To:

• Write the name at the back

• Washi tapes to add colours and for your holiday greeting and your name

• Sticker to enclosed the envelope

• Here’s another version using washi tapes and Artisan Paperie Sticker (labels)

• Lettering on a packaging


Kraft pouch; Gold ink; Waterbrush

How To:

Here’s a short video how I did it. I used Dr. Ph Martin’s Iridescent Calligraphy Ink Copper and waterbrush.

* Make sure to add few coatings of the ink so it will become darker.

Three simple lettering ideas that you can use this holiday season and even after. I hope you enjoy this and inspired you to create something handmade…


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