Instagram Sunday #80

Instagram Sunday

Hello friends! Yay! For 2017! So far, how’s this year treating you? My few days were already quite busy and productive. I had few unlucky events but there’s also better things beyond that. Like they say, you can only control how you react or think. So, I’m looking at it different, see it as a learning. With an open mind and acceptance. Maybe that’s my theme for the year.

I didn’t do any reflection or my usual resolutions yet. Had few list on my phone but I haven’t put it on my journal yet. Not even an opening blog post like I did last year. Maybe because this time, I have looked at things lightly, less drama, more practical and just simply accepting as they are.

Anyway, this is what has been happening lately. Let’s meet on instagram: @iam_artisanso we can communicate more.

{1} I had the privilege to be part of the guest speakers at Art Talk. And that’s how my first week of 2017 went. It was truly inspiring and refreshing to be with fellow artists and to the people behind it that supports Davao’s artists in different aspects. All thanks to Jesse, a good friend and a writer in Mindanao Times.

{2} Last year, I did my first mural for Happy Home. I did 3 walls for them and I just added few more vines on this side yesterday. You can find the entire mural on my instagram: @iam_artisan.

{3} So, my addiction to Daniel Smith continues. I kept adding few more colours to my palette. And I added new squirrel mop brush to my collection too. It’s a NEEF Alvaro #0 that I got from DE’s Artroom.

{4} My first week spread of Artisan Paperie’s Blangko. I really enjoyed using it. Well, I’ve been using my own planner for 6 years now so it doesn’t make any difference actually. Except that I’ve added a lot of decorations now.

This year may not be so different from the last. Although, I’ve committed myself in becoming better from who I am last year. And that’s just it! I’ll hone more my skills; Be more active and less procrastination; Be more forgiving and less expecting and do a lot more kindness to others.

I keep my resolutions and plans simple and short this time. How’s your list going on?


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