Happy 2016

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Happy New Year everyone! Wow! It’s 2016.

Last year was something else. Met a lot of people; Tried so many things that I haven’t done before; Went to a lot of places; Gained and lose some in terms of weight and experienced different emotions too.

This was a photo of me and my sister when I was in Vancouver last September. Yup! I like matching clothes and shoe-fie. I’m using this photo because I’m missing my little sister like always.

Have you thought of your new year’s resolutions by now? How about your goals and plans? I have to be honest {and if you know me well, you won’t probably be surprised} I haven’t done mine yet. Although, I have written some things for my bucket list but they were just random ideas and unfinish.

The funny thing though, I read my almost 6 years journal, where I normally write my plans and thoughts. The only thing I wrote for 2015 was – learn how to paint. And I did! Oh, the power of writing it down.

This year, I’m adding more things in my list. More places I want to visit, more adventures and maybe something more personal too.

English Bay, Vancouver, Canada

I started off this year differently. A happy kind actually. And I’ve committed to be busy as well with work and travel. Already booked so many trips and had some plans for this month already. So I think, it’s a good start – I know it is! Oh! I miss this feeling… to be excited about something.

What are you excited about this 2016? Is it about going to places? Doing something you haven’t done before? Or a creative idea maybe?


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