Journal With Me No.9: Best Nine Of 2019

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Hello there! Let’s start this new year with a Journal With Me video. Sahin Designs has a new collection for this year called Hibernate and I’m using it for my best nine of 2019 photos.

My best nine of 2020.

Every end of the year, I like posting the best nine of my photos. It’s like a digital memory keeping of my best photos every year. I’ve been doing this for quite some time now. And I remember, it was even better before because it gives you a playback video. They had some changes so now it’s just about the photos.

Anyway… I wasn’t surprised my best of nine was about my family. True indeed, I painted and crafted less to nothing the entire year. But my heart is so full. And it was a crazy fun year. So many changes happened. I got married, became a Mama, got few creative gigs. But my family is indeed the highlight of my year.

There are also a lot of challenges and adjustments in between. Lost a dear family member then ups and downs in business. It’s not all about rainbows and butterflies.

But at the end of the day, love and of course, God’s grace made us stronger and better. I am beyond grateful… for a wonderful family and our good health.

Come 2020, I have few plans in mind but I have learned to embrace the imperfection and uncertainty this year. Nicolas taught me to be still and patient all the time. To stop and smell the roses. But I’m just ready in case things will come as I planned.

So, here I am journaling again. But I haven’t been for a while and I get a bit rusty in terms of speed and arranging my layout. I made few mistakes during the process but still continued until I ended up liking the entire page. You’ll notice, there’s a title here compared to the rest of the photos.

I wanted to show you that it’s okay to make mistakes. Because journaling is a safe place. There’s no right or wrong here. Although, we might make mistakes, think our spreads get ugly and messy. But that’s the beauty of it. We can just add or create something out of it.

Would you believe me, the ones that I have most messed up pages in journals and planners ended up my favourite ones. No kidding! There’s also a proud moment when you see it differently after knowing it was so ugly before.

The empty space is for my thoughts. I’m leaving it first to take a better look of the layout.

Here’s my Journal With Me No.9: Best Of Nine video.

How do you do your journaling? Do you pick a photo first? Write your thoughts in a scratch paper before writing it on your journal? Do you also struggle on your layout too? Would really love to know your thoughts about this.

Enjoy the watching. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. Also, if you prefer a voice over or you’re okay with reading the text once in a while? It will really help me in growing my content. So, I would know how to inspire you as well.

To creating more this 2020!


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