Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

November is finally here and few days from now, it’s already Christmas season. Time indeed flies so fast. A bit emotional while writing this actually. Specially looking at these instagram photos as we celebrated my little sister’s civil wed.

{1} That’s me and my sister Sandy, who’s clearly not our baby anymore as she enterered the world of marriage. On the bright side, we’re glad, our family had extended.

{2} My cousin Karen and I decorated Yellow Hauz. Balloons with metallic hearts during the ceremony.

{3} Sandy of course baked her cake. That’s chocolate something, haha.

{4} We only had few guests since this was really not yet the formal wedding. So the outside area of Yellow Hauz was just perfect for the celebration.

On a non-wedding side of my instagram life, you’ll find more crafting and designing.

{1} Added a DIY lettering garland for Yellow Hauz despite the busy schedule.

{2} While packing my items for the craft fair, I included my vintage notepads.

{3} Kids invitations are one of my favorites. These are some from our designs.

{4} A little girl will be celebrating her birthday and christening today, and this is her souvenir. I hope her guests will liked it.

What happened to your week? I hope it was great though. You can add me @iam_artisan if you’re to see more of my photos.


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