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Crafting + Workshop

For the first time, I initiated a crafting session with friends. It was just a spur of the moment, when I realized I’ll be going to GenSan and I know a friend who also makes invitations and has tons of craft tools.

Days before I contacted Sunny, the girl behind Ms. Sunny Cards and Crafts if we can do a little craft session while I’m there. Gladly, she was also happy to play with us. Then I invited Joanne, a first time crafter and the set director of Green Tomato Weddings. Naks! We sounded so legit and formal, but seriously, we’re just like little girls who wanted to play with paper, lol.

We don’t really know what to do but I know I want to try Sunny’s Cricut and other tools, haha. At least that’s a start. Then Sunny suggested we do some vinyl appliques. So I brought some craft papers, punchers and cloth for the applique. And its time to get our hands dirty…

The time run so fast. Sunny had so many templates. Joanne and I couldn’t decide which design to use. I ended up monogramming the pouch I bought from Lorra.

Joanne and I made a postcard, while Sunny made a card. Here’s what I did… would you believe, this took me 3hours, hahaha. Yes of course, a lot of chatting and seriously overwhelmed with all the designs.

Joanne enjoyed her first crafting session and made this postcard.

This one is from Sunny… a cupcake card.

Goodie! Another set of craft buddies… will be doing another round next week. Yup! We had so much fun, that we have to have another round. This time, I’ll make a little plan and print a template to follow so we can create a lot.

I’m planning a crafting session in Yellow Hauz soon, would you join me? I’ll plan the idea first then I’ll give out the details. You can email me at designsofartisan(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested. Do let me know what craft do you want.


6 thoughts on “Crafting in GenSan”

  1. Waaahh!!! Inggit ako!!!! Sana we had 1 more day to do crafts dito sa bahay 🙁 if only davao is just a bus ride away i’d be there every week! haha! Basta, magkikita pa ulit tayo, ahihihi! 🙂

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