Hip Pinoy Handmade Vendors

Bazaar + Exhibit

The fair was packed with great handmade vendors. It really shows how everybody was talented in different ways. From various materials used to wide array of techniques, I don’t even want to look around because I know for sure I will go over my budget.

Tell me if you can resist all these wonderfully created items…

Handcrafted Expressions by Airees

Stars for Dreams by Lorra

Life After Breakfast by Alessa

Hey Kessy by Mansy and Paul

I try DIY by Mikko; Wired Charms by Dina; The Girls Room by Akiko

Sitting Pretty by Mariel

What If by Tita

Kleyland by Celyn

Artist Madhouse by Jem and Carol

Purpled Boutique by Rheda; Mama Bear Shop

photos via Lulu Swing

Savi Koruja by Cherish

Earthly Jewels Beads

I think I forgot to include some stalls, I’m totally sorry. I was busy chatting and eating that I wasn’t able to look around and take photos further. I think you see how talented these people were. And it’s totally hard not to buy from their booths.

I can only wish Davao people are already more open to handmade items, then a craft fair in my local city would be great. In the meantime, enjoy checking their sites.


1 thought on “Hip Pinoy Handmade Vendors”

  1. hi there!!!

    love them all.. i.m also a crafter..would like to ask how to join on your fair.. im doing a personalized handmade products.. on the spot we do the stitching..my company name is Ant’s Pocket.. i hope giving a chance to show our stuff.. thanks po…

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