First Handmade Fair

Bazaar + Exhibit

I had a lot of first time situations for the past few days. Two weeks ago was the logo workshop, then just last week was a handmade fair. Everytime I look at craft fairs from blogs like Renegade or Got Craft. I am drooling with envy and hoping to join one. And so I did…

I flew to Manila last Saturday, just the day of the bazaar. My schedule was chaotic the whole week so I had no choice. Then just as I expected my shipment didn’t arrive on that day, can you imagine my luck? But there was no violent reaction nor drama. I thought, I had more time to look around, and chat with my crafty friends, plus I still have the next day to display and sell, right?

True enough, I had fun talking to my friends from the bazaar. The whole day was not enough for us, haha. That’s Airees, me, and Lorra from the left. And Mansy and me on the right.

Gladly friends came to visit on the second day. My other craft friends from LMGC dropped by. I was so touched to see them. That’s Rochelle on the left. Aileen also came but forgot to take a photo. Then the girls behind My Marquee Regina and Dianne was also there. Anna from craft soiree was so sweet to dropped by too. 

The 2-day fair was just okay, I was actually expecting more but nonetheless, I had fun chatting with my craft friends again. Alesa sent us cupcakes which made me so giddy to the highest level, haha.

I am very much thankful for Airees for picking me up from the airport, helping with my packages, and spending time with me. I already miss our chikahan, you are truly my missing link, hihi. Thank you again Airees

Will post about the lovely and creative handmade vendors next.


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