Instagram Sunday #64

Instagram Sunday Yellow Hauz

This week had been productive for Yellow Hauz and Artisan. The truth is, it’s not really easy to juggle two businesses. Although, it’s really convenient having them both in just one place. I’m trying to do a time management, but seriously, it will only last on the first few days of the week, then schedules will get rumbled after that. Nonetheless, I’d still chose this job over and over again.

Since I haven’t had an instagram sunday posts, let me tour you to my instagram feed. Sorry guys, it’s more about coffee and food and not so much about crafts.

{1} Just today, I tried to catch up with my e-courses. And I had a lot still waiting to be watched. Yeah, I know. I love buying online courses and I just love hoarding them. But I promised myself, I won’t buy another one until I finish what I had. And that is why, I’m slowly catching up on it. I’ll share these e-courses soon…

{2} Lately, I always wanted to go out on a weekend. Maybe to de-stress and just to get out of my routine. But instead of going out, Miguel wanted a burger night. He wanted to try this “new recipe,” bola-bola patty. So, in order to looked like we had a date somewhere, I added a little presentation to our burger. We had it on a basket plate with twister fries and mangosteen juice on a mason jar. Surprisingly, it was good. We just need to practice more but so far it was edible.

{3} I attended a bootcamp for e-commerce by Janette Toral of Digital Filipino. All thanks to Dulce for remembering me that I always wanted to learn about e-commerce. Anyway, the bootcamp was very insightful. But of course, I couldn’t help doodle my coffee cup that I brought from Yellow Hauz that morning.

{4} We started a great week for Yellow Hauz. We had a refreshers course for my baristas courtesy of Toraniour supplier ever since Yellow Hauz started 7years ago. We had almost 60 cups of coffee and 12 liters of milk so we can ensure the good quality of coffee we’re serving and to practice latte art. It was really fun. Thank you so much Elmar {our trainer} for accommodating my request.

Since, my week were mostly about coffee, let me share the people whom I follow. I love seeing their photos about cafes. These were outside Philippines though, but I love seeing the look of the coffee shops from other countries.

{1} Pat Vasquez {2} kimcamjones {3} kattsanjuan {4} inandoutofmoscow

Don’t you just love their photos and want to sit there right now and have a cup of coffee?

Anyway, tomorrow is another week to juggle. Oh! I’m not complaining. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t trade my job for anything else. They say, if you love your job, then it feels like you’re not working at all, right? Well, let’s make this week productive, shall we? So let’s have a good rest, goodnight friends.


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