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Early last year, I opened an online shop using checkout. However, I had a hard time updating it, so it only run for 2 months. But this time, it’s back… I’m opening it again and I added more stocks in it. So if you’re not from Davao, or no plans of visiting us anytime soon, let me bring the items to you instead. Most of the things I have in the shop are the ones I normally use or have.

Let’s start with notebooks. Oh, I’m such a notebook hoarder. I have more than 10 that I have not opened yet. It’s not like I write so much that I needed a lot. I just love looking at them, haha. Here are few of the things you’ll see in the notebook collection.

Apart from the notebooks, I also love collecting books and magazines. Before I used to collect novels. But now, I’m more into craft and design books or coffee table magazines. These books and magazines were bought from my travels. So, I can only carry 1 item per title. If you like something, then better get them fast. I have Kinfolk, Mollie Makes and other craft books like for calligraphy, watercolor or japanese kind.If you’re crazy for pens, whether a cute one or brush kind, let me interest you with my collection. I also have something for fabric and chalk pens.Now, let’s move to art and craft materials. I love making things with my hands. Whether its for crafts or an art maybe. So I also have a variety of items for you. To watercolor, calligraphy, rubber stamps and tools like punches.These are only few of what we have in the shop. As in, not even half of it. But don’t worry, I’m updating it slowly, few items everyday. So, I hope you’ll check my online shop and find something you might like.

If you need something that you can’t find in our online shop, you can email me at [email protected] and maybe I have but just not able to upload it yet. And if you like to read more about the shop, you can read it here. You’ll see more of my handmade items. Happy hoarding, I meant, shopping, haha…


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