Instagram Sunday #61

Instagram Sunday

I was so hyped up and full of creativity this whole week. I learned new crafts like calligraphy and making rubber stamps. Practiced my paper flowers and watercolor. Even until today, I just want to keep on practicing. On the downside, I don’t feel like working, haha.

My instagram feed will tell you what keeps me busy lately. I like meeting new friends though instagram, come follow me if you like anything artsy fartsy and crafty: @iam_artisan

{1} I love practicing calligraphy. But to be honest, I haven’t done any words not even my name yet. Still practicing my letters and it’s taking me such a long time. Maybe I’m just making an excuse because I’m quite afraid to write a word, hehe.

{2} Last time I studied tulips. Now, it’s peonies. It’s more tedious because you need more petals to work on, but it just look so pretty…

{3} Apart from calligraphy, I got a little hooked with carving rubber stamps. So I tried it out for Yellow Hauz‘s packaging. We added more handmade things in the coffee shop.

{4} Making a series for a new postcard set and I’ve thought of watercolor flowers. Still trying to get used to it.

Since I’m into watercolor lately, let me share my few handpicks from instagram.{1} Celdee {2} Yao Cheng Design {3} oanabefort {4} ayangcempaka

I’m sure these ladies will keep you inspired with their beautiful watercolor artwork.

What keeps you busy lately? What’s your “in craft” as of now? Well, if you still can’t decide, try something new. It’s always nice to know a new skill. Go get those old stacks of craft materials in your stash and try it now. Or you must, come visit me in my store and I have different materials you might want to try out. Goodnight everyone… have a creative week friends.


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    1. Hi Sandra… So sorry for the late response… are you from Davao? If so, I just bought them from the local bookstores like Paper Tree

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