Instagram Sunday #60

Instagram Sunday

Hi friends… its a week full of celebration. First, Artisan’s 5th year. Also last Saturday, my boyfriend and I celebrated our first anniversary. And of course, the celebration wouldn’t be complete without food. Yes! It was a cheat week, hehe but it was all worth it.

{1} Boyfriend seldom surprised me, but this time, he did. Although he was busted but it’s always the thought that counts. These flowers were just in time because I’m studying carnation for the paper flower workshop. Hmmm I wonder if I can make this excuse so he can buy me flowers more often, hehe.

{2} Allow me to be a little cheesy just for now. I haven’t celebrated an anniversary in ages. And so yesterday was really special for me. The day went differently as we planned. But being together was the only thing that mattered. Yihee! Not so sorry for being chees.

{3} Like I said, been studying flowers. First experiment was tulips.

{4} I love oats and I’ve been craving this overnight oats from Soul Kitchen. Go try it out… I have to warn you though, it will take some patience before you can indulge in it.

I’ve thought of making a theme for the people I follow on instagram. This Sunday, I’ve thought of jewelry.

{1} Chloe and Isabel and {2} Secrets By B – If you’re into vintage jewelry like me, you’ll surely love their collections.

{3} Hey Jow Ph – Proud to include a filipino product with such elegance in using stones.

{4} Istorya – Also from the Philippines, but this instead of stones, they play around with brass.

I wonder what will be my theme next week. Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

Also, we’ve picked the winners from our giveaway: @ianne2x and @noellemaruemartin Please email me your addresses at [email protected]

By the way, we have some changes for the craft weekend. Unfortunately, we won’t be having I try DIY and Hey Kessy. But we will have a shop, craft and swap, a collaboration with Life After Breakfast and Craft Carrot. Will post the details tomorrow. I really hope you can support us on this one.

Goodnight everyone… have a great and positive week…


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