Paper Flower Workshop

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Ever since I was young, I have developed a love affair with paper. I had a bunch of stationery set back in elementary to high school. Also, I was able to design and make my own planners. Oh the possibilities you can make with papers and plus it preserves memories.

One possibilities I fell in love with it are the paper flowers. I don’t have a green thumb but I don’t think I still need it if I can make these flowers instead of planting them.

And I would like to share how simple it is to make different flowers like anemone, roses or poppies. You can use this as decors or perhaps you’re getting married soon, a DIY for your wedding is always handy.

I hope you can join me for another craft night. We will have creative conversations with light snacks on the side. Tools and materials are also included.

 July 18, 2014 {Friday} ; 6:00 p.m.

Yellow Hauz {V. Mapa, Mabini Street, Davao City}

Registration Form and Fee – P1,200

This may sound like a t.v. online shop… but wait there’s more… Please do mark your calendars on that week because It’s gonna be a craft weekend. Few of my crafter friends, namely Alessa, Mansy and Mikko, all from Manila {I’m sure you’re very familiar of their names} will come to Davao and they will also have their own workshops. Do check their blogs for the update.

It’s gonna be a very exciting weekend… See you on July 18 and let’s make paper flowers…


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