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I normally design party suite for birthdays and weddings. But most of it were based on modern and vintage designs. So when I got an email from Aya, one of the founders of Katha Magazine, that she wanted me to do a DIY party with filipino theme for the magazine, I was happy to take it. It was something new for me and I like to challenge myself with new things.
Of course, I need to sort out my ideas. The theme was about filipino fiesta; I have to think what’s common locally during this occasion and all I could think of was lechon… lechon… lechon… hahaha. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to make one as one of my props, so I have to improvise.

This was my concept: I used aztek for the patterns, crepe paper, abaca fan, santan and filipino food.
If you’re planning a filipino themed party, I hope this will give you an idea. I used local materials that can be easily bought in your local bookstores.

Let’s start off with the invitation. Regardless how simple your party is, nothing makes the guests more special when they received an invitation. I made a fan invites that looked like a sorbetes. You can just write your details on the blank spaces.• Download and print the printable invitation template. Then simple follow the instructions and  materials you’ll need to assemble it.
For the decorations, I used crepe paper and a printable for the buntings. You can also place the buntings all throughout the room so it spreads like you’re in a fiesta.

• The crepe wall decor was plainly crepe paper cut into different sizes. As for the buntings, you can download the printable bunting template and print as many as you need.I made place cards too to make your party more intimate and personal. You can also use this as menu labels.

• A simple calamansi will do the pinoy trick. Just slice the buttom part so it will stand up. Again, you can download the printable place card template and use a Sharpie or any pen for the names or the food label.

Now let’s play with props… first with your utensils. 

• You can find wooden utensils in your local grocery store then add chevron design washi tapes. Then banana leaf for the plates.

As for the giveaway, this is one of the fun yet simple idea I’ve come up with. Abaca fan with santan flower. This really feel so pinoy. 

• The abaca fan can be bought in the wet market. And the santan of course in your neighborhood. If you can’t find one, gumamela will also work.

This DIY was quite challenging but all I did was look around my neighborhood to check what’s readily available.

Here are the suggested food you can use: Lechon of course, hehe, palabok, kakanin {sapin-sapin, bico, bananaque, etc.,} tablea tsokolate, mango float, fruit salad. Buco juice for for drinks.Hope you enjoyed this filipino-fiesta themed party. Go check Katha Magazine‘s Jul-Aug issue. You can find me on page 94. All thanks to Aya for making the article for me. Like I always say, I’m not good with words, hehe.

Have fun reading their issue. I’ve seen lots of interesting things…


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