Etsy Craft Party

Crafting + Workshop

It took me a month or so to post this… forgive me for being such a lousy blogger and how I wish I can find more time to share my workshops and DIY’s with you. Anyway, we all knew last June 6 the world celebrated an Etsy Craft Party. And for the first time, Davao celebrated with the world and we had it in Yellow Hauz.

I’m sharing the photos we had during that day… we were all so busy chatting about tools and sharing tips and tricks.

On the side, here’s what you will see… I displayed new stocks from the store like punches and stamps. We also had washi tapes from Hey Kessy. I also displayed our workshops for the sign-ups. And all Sasa’s tools that can make you drool.

It was so nice to meet new friends and share the same love I have for crafting. I wish we can do this more often. Although, I’m planning to have my workshops at least once a month, I hope you can join that one.


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