Instagram Sunday #57

Instagram Sunday

My week was full of creative workshops for kids. Most of my feed on instagram was more about the workshops. You can follow me at @iam_instagram for more crafty photos.

{1} That’s me explaining how to assemble the hot air balloon mobile craft. That’s last Saturday with the mommies and their kids for the breastfeeding fund raising.

{2} I worked best under pressure. Seriously! My brain doesn’t work much until it’s almost deadline. So the night before the workshop, I was still conceptualizing what we will be doing. Then woke up super early and started preparing the materials.

{3} Also this week, we had our second batch for Kids Gone Craft. There I am and Kay assisting our cutes little students.

{4} My setup for Kids Gone Craft workshop before we all get dirty.

I’ll concentrate more of my designs this week. No workshops in the meantime but don’t forget we have an Etsy Party on Saturday. I’ll also prepare for the big upcoming workshops for July together with Life After Breakfast, Hey Kessy and I Try DIY. Stay tuned for this. I promise you, it’s gonna be great.

I’m crossing my fingers for a very productive weekend and a healthy week too. I seriously hope I’ll find time to exercise. That’s my main goal for this week. How about you? What’s on your list?


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