Instagram Sunday #47

Instagram Sunday

It’s Sunday once again, can you believed it? I can’t. My mind is still back in Cagayan de Oro where I was just sitting having my coffee and doughnut in J.Co’s. {1} That’s me doodling.

{2} That’s what I’ve been doodling about. You can read it here. I’m thinking of adding that section in my blog. Doodle Friday, what do you think?

{3} During my short stay in Cagayan de Oro, the sweet smell of doughnuts got me inspired of so many things. So, I did some planning and sketching again.

{4} Those cards was posted last Tuesday. They are now available in the shop.

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me as usual. But I’m excited every weekdays because I can have my coffee. I try to refrain from coffee every weekend just so my body won’t be immune to it. I know it’s silly… getting excited with my usual coffee with our new mug, hehe. Goodnight everyone.


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