DIY: Chalkboard Sign

DIY Yellow Hauz

We have added a new drink and all day meals in Yellow Hauz‘s menu so I did a little chalkboard sign and displayed it near the counter.

Chalk is a little bit tricky. It’s simple yet messy. So here’s a little DIY chalkboard sign if you want to make some for yourself.

 What you’ll need:

• Blackboard {I bought mine in Robinsons department store}

• Colored chalks

• Sketchbook or a paper to try out your lettering

• Pencil and Eraser

What To do:

{1} I try to draw the lettering in my sketchbook first. Lettering and chalk is quite new to me that’s why I need to practice it more.

{2} I use an ordinary chalk. Here’s the tricky part…

Wet the chalk first. This will make the chalk darker when you write it on the board.

• Use a wet tissue to erase the chalk marks on the sides and if you want to redo your lettering.

From my sketchbook to the blackboard. Not quite as I wanted it to look like, but that’s fine. I didn’t realise how limited my space was. And secondly, I had some adjustments holding the chalk compared using the pencil. But it made me happy though.

Try it out! I’m not expert in lettering nor chalkboards but they say practice makes perfect. So, I’m thinking of making another one next week haha. What do you think?


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