Instagram Sunday #35

Artisan Life Instagram Sunday

You know what’s great when you get to talk to people of the same interest? You get so inspired with new ideas, and your plans are forming back in shape. That’s how I feel lately while I was spending time with Alessa and Mansy over the weekend. We get to talk about a lot of things and you connect right away. Few of which is crafting, blogging, pursuing another degree and more. And even for just a day, I feel I’m back with my rhythm again.

In another story, here’s my week overview through instagram.

{1} There’s a new cupcake store in Abreeza called The Curious Baker. And I get to design some cupcake toppers for the shop.

{2} While my crafter friends are having craft workshop in Yellow Hauz {sobbing for missing this out}, my family is having a sunday fun day in Manila. Can you imagine the irony? If they’re having a workshop in Manila, I’m working in Davao. Now that they’re in Davao, I’m roaming around in Manila. Seriously, there’s something wrong in this picture, haha.

{3} Alessa and Mansy stayed in our house and last night we had a short slumber party, haha. We totally forgot to take photos before we went to sleep so I had to force them in the morning before I left, haha. So that’s us saying good morning crafters!

{4} I think there’s a common denominator for creative people… and that’s having a pencil case inside your bag. The polka dot was mine and the other one was from Alessa.

Although, I missed out the craft workshop in Davao, I’m excited for this coming week because my family and I will be going out of the country for a vacation. I will still work and blog even if I’m having a vacation. Like they say, work hard, play harder right? In my case, play is travel. And that’s what I love most about my job, I can do both anytime.


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