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I really like it when I’m being challenge with the design. With this project, the design was easy but the assembling part was something new. When Melissa, showed me the peg she wanted, I know I wanted to take the challenge.

The invitation was around 6-inch in height, 18-inch wide when opened. The orientation was 2-folds with a square hole in the cover while their logo on the other flap cover showing from the hole. Was that confusing? Hehe If so, I hope the photos can speak for itself.
Inside, the details were placed in the middle and the list of entourage were on the right side with a parchment page to give more space. Then on the left side, the r.s.v.p. was placed below the square hole.

Then we used opaque paper for the envelope with their logo as their seal.

I hope I didn’t speak too much about the technical stuff, but I don’t know how else to describe it. Anyway, we also used their logo and placed it at the button of the Hershey’s chocolate as their wedding favor.

Not to say that I like my own but I like the orientation of this invitation. It’s not the usual 2-fold style since we added a twist on the front cover.

There are still so many things to add with the usual invitation, so if you have an idea with what you want for your invitation, feel free to give us your thought so we can help you achieve that design. You can email me at april(dot)iamartisan(at)gmail(dot)com for inquiries or simply if you want to chat about some ideas…


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  1. Love the design and colors, twinsy! Nice fonts, too! Actually everything! Parang chalkboard effect ba? Can’t tell much pero parang ganun. Very nice!

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