Instagram Sunday #24

Instagram Sunday

Thought I only had few photos on my instagram but it turned out I’ll be posting two sets.

{1} Sandy, my sister asked me to make a cake topper for our friend Miggy.

{2} In the studio, we did a custom sticker for a chocolate wedding favor.

{3} Been hearing and seeing cute photos of this new milktea shop near our place. It is called Alley Cat, owned by Xiao.

{4} I tried to control myself not to buy washi tapes in Japan, but how can you seriously resist those cute patterns?

I attended 3 events last night and I thought that deserve a different set for instagram sunday because I normally don’t go out much then I just had 3 in 1 night. First my family went to a wedding. Then my sister and I attended Miggy’s birthday dinner. And lastly, my first street rock concert.

{5} I ended my night with Sandwich.

{6} Saw one of my crafter friend from Manila, Wiji of The Curious Wiji and her boyfriend Jowee of Team Manila. So happy to see crafter friends.

{7} A birthday dinner party at Dos Mestizos for our friend, Miggy.

{8} My ever trustee girls. Che and Sandy.

Happy sunday everyone…


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