Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

Hello friends… welcome to my new url. After being indecisive and hassled a lot of people -haha {sorry but I have fun doing that to people I know, hehe}, finally I get to decide a perfect name for my blog that totally suits me. Then with the help of Jopal, bribing him with pica platter in Yellow Hauz, my old url was moved here {thank you so much for your help Jopal, I will still need your help though, hehe}. 

In the meantime, while I’m still thinking about a makeover for my blog, instagram sunday is still on. I missed few sundays now but you can always follow me @iam_artisan.

{1} Participated in an art exhibit called Art Attack. Left art was from Paolo and right wasmine. Will tell about this activity on another post.

{2} Been designing straight the whole week. Draining, but I wouldn’t trade my job for anything else except for a full time barista.

{3}  Yellow Hauz entrance. Nothing much to say, haha.

{4} Had a road trip last week and it was such a pretty and relaxing day.


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