5 years of brewing coffee

Yellow Hauz

Last friday, Yellow Hauz celebrated its 5th year anniversary. I can’t imagine we’ve reached this far… five years ago, I don’t even drink coffee nor had any idea how to make one, but now I can’t live without my cappuccino.

So in celebration of our anniversary and to give thanks to all who supported Yellow Hauz, we gave out free coffee from Friday ’til Sunday. Hope you we’re able to dropped by last weekend.

Anyway, let me share some few facts about Yellow Hauz. Few years back, that parking space used just a blank area with walls and a yellow gate. Although, the whole structure of the house was already there but it was just merely unpainted facade and posts.

And this area, used to be our lawn and garage.

This one used to be our sala… as a matter of fact, that couch belonged in our house before and we just reupholstered it for the coffeeshop.

The door on the left, used to be the master bedroom and now it is use for small meetings or functions. The rest like the kitchen and restrooms were still used as it is…

Cheers to many more years of brewing…


5 thoughts on “5 years of brewing coffee”

  1. The conversion from house to coffee shop worked really well <3 It makes Yellow Hauz more homey, a lovely contrast to the usual commercial coffee shop.

  2. Been to your Hauz a few times in the past and have taken shots of your homey interiors. Will go through my old files and see if I can post them and tag you. Happy Anniversary and many more years of brewing to come. 🙂

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