Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

Happy 2013 everyone!!! The year started so great for me, I hope it is great for you as well. I’m fueled up, full of energy and ready to attack. I got my goals aligned now and I’m totally going for it. But the main goal for this year is simply just to be happy.

Anyway, I had a little break from my computer the whole holiday season and boy how I miss blogging. To start it off… let me share some photos from my instagram. I actually haven’t had a lot photos, instagram keeps on crashing, such a bummer!


{1} Heintje bought me the CBTL planner and before 2013 I added embellishments like stickers and stamps on the pages.

{2} Christmas season brings out the kid in me. I waited patiently til christmas eve before I open all my gifts and that’s how I look like.

{3} Music has become part of my daily routine. I normally just use my iphone or laptop but when Heintje gave that speaker, music never sounds so much better.

{4} Books can simply put a big smile on my face. More reasons to be happier and be inspired this year.

{1} Went to the beach with family, Ava and her fiance who happen to be our relative. Such an adorable couple. So glad we’ve met.

{2} Had a new do. Going back to straight hair in the mean time.

{3} Had a little DIY in my room and wanted to use those florals for my lamp, but ended up doing Plan B instead.

{4} Those were my choir friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not part of the choir but I’ve spent happy memories with them when I stayed in Manila. And I’m just so happy we were almost complete this holiday season.

Lastly, here’s a greeting from my family. For the past few years now, I make sure we get to have a family picture. Apparently, ours is still so small and only consists of 3 marias. Soon enough it will be extended.

“We wish that this year will bring great joy and health in every home…”


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