Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

Hello friends… I had an anxious and excited week. I’m preparing for a bridal fair {will tell you about this tomorrow}. Apart from preparing all the materials, creativity and mental even emotional aspects were really challenged. But all is good so far.

Here’s a sneak peak and a recap of my week..

{1} This will be my wall for the bridal fair. I had my sister and cousins helped me out, which I’m totally grateful for.

{2} Sometimes when I’m not designing, I’m making coffee. Yes! I’m a barista by day.

{3} Been preparing, planning and working hard even late at nights in my room.

{4} One of my favorite designs I made… and I used for my flyers.

That’s it so far… there are more actually however, I have tons of to-do list and I have to finish them all before I leave for the bridal fair. I will try my best to update once in awhile though. Have a great weekend ahead.


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