Christmas in Yellow Hauz

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Christmas is such a fun season. One reason is, you can play around with paper in so many ways; gift wrap, party details and decors. Luckily, I have a place where I can put my ideas for paper decors. Let me give you a little tour with what I did for Yellow Hauz.

I visualized and drew my ideas first in my ever trustee Muji notebook. As much I wanted to, I decided to change and disregard some of the ideas, but I might use them for next year though.

In our counter, we have the usual wreath hanging on top of our drop ceiling. Found it  boring so I added hanging santa, elf and tree.

Also in our counter, the christmas drink is already available and the paper christmas tree is displayed.

I hanged die-cut snowflakes on all our windows.

Here’s another view photo of the snowflakes.

On the outdoor side, I made some paper flowers in a jar and hanged them on the posts.

On a non-paper related decor, we have a santa to greet you at the entrance door.


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