I have crafter friends now

Crafting + Workshop

It’s almost been 2-weeks now since I went to my very first craft soiree. It may sound so corny and cheesy but I truly feel so lonely when I got back to Davao. I’m back to my work, and no more chit-chats with friends about crafts. Oh how I miss them and that crafternoon.

Got excited to see and taste the food at Pipino

Anyway, I’ve been blabbing about how great the experience was and never got the chance to show more pictures about it. Alessa {who organized it all} made a post of all the crafters. Check out their photos and sites so you’ll get to know them more. Felt like we we’re celebrities when I saw our photos at Alessa’s blog, hihi {I was giggling when I read it and spread it to my friends right away, lol}.

So the crafters had to bring their own handmade goodies and gave it to each participants, can you imagine how amazing that was? As Lorra and Macy would describe “It’s better than Christmas.” True indeed because I can’t remember having these so many handmade crafts in my entire life.

Alessa’s metal charm. She also gave us a canvas tote for all the loot
Joanne of Quaint Desk gave party decors and fabric tapes
Nikki of Junk Studio gave us accessories
Marielle of Craft MNL gave this cute fish earrings
Mansy of Hey Kessy gave us brass bracelet and a washi tapes too
Lorra of Stars of Dreams illustrated a notebook for us
Wiji of Curious Studio made a handwritten postcard
Pat handpainted this fabric wallet
Noelle of Wanderlust Drifted gave us silkscreened tote bag with goodies inside
Mikko of I Try DIY, also the author of The Friendship Bracelet Book made this
Kaich knitted this cup sleeve
Koko, a team publisher of Candy Mag made us personalized crayons
Anna made this set of brunch inspired charms
Beam of Artwine gave us DIY monster plushie; excited to try this one
Macy baked a Kahlua cupcake, obviously didn’t make it outside Pipino, ate it right away, lol

Lovely sponsors added more to our goodies…

Box with earrings from Kilusan
From DMC and Dyosaimma
During the show and tell time…

After the show and tell, I stayed for the bracelet crafternoon {really have to learn how to make those friendship bracelet. I tried making one, but end up making a ring, haha} then had picture taking with my new crafter friends. Lorra {who was my schoolmate in high-school and co-teacher before} stayed a little longer while Alessa showed us how to make a green juice.

Me and Alessa; Me and Lorra; Me and Mariel; Alessa

Now can you imagine how big my smile was when I got back to my hotel? Yup, up to my ears. Opened it right away and looked at them over and over again. Now I’m excited to use all of them.

Glad to meet you all girls… how I wish I lived in Manila so we can hang out again anytime and have another crafternoon.


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