Designs of Artisan now a shop in Multiply


I opened another online shop, yes, another one, seems like I never get tired of this, lol. But this time, I’m aiming for my fellow pinoys as my buyers. I’ll be putting all my items from Artisan Paperie and Le Blanchette plus some paper goods and washi tapes from Korea and Taiwan.

I wanted to make another name since it’s a whole lot of mixed goods, but apparently, I’d be making it as Designs of Artisan instead so people has a recall about my site {suggested by my sister}. Argh, my dilemma every time I opened a shop.

So here are the things you’ll see on my new shop.

I’ll also be adding rubber stamps and other craft materials but I’m still waiting for the shipment. I hope you’ll find the items affordable because this shop is intentionally made to share all the cute things I design and found over my travels.

Keep coming back as I will update it often with new items. Happy Shopping.


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