Friday Madness

Artisan Life Happenings

It’s totally a Friday madness here in the studio. So many things going on, and deadlines to meet up. But my drive to work is quite back so I’m totally having fun.

Sharing what I’m working and doing in the studio… may look pretty clean and organized but the studio is as chaotic as ever. So need to clean it up.

I'm putting ribbon and tag for YH shirt. We're selling only 6pcs for P280.
We'll be delivering Sabroso invitations for the second batch this coming Sunday

Lastly, I’m designing another pop-up invitation. This is what I came up so far… once the client has approved, then I’ll make this cutie come to life with the pop-ups and other embellishments.

Another pop-up invitation

Have a busy friday as well… but be safe… =)


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