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Few weeks ago, I’ve decided to give my room a little make over. Okay, “little make-over” may be a little underrated because I actually repainted it. Yup! I got bored and irritated with my bright funky room, and felt like it’s not my thing. So since I was on a tight budget, I decided to do it myself… from orange became cream, and viola! The new look of my room.

The new look of my room. Muji and hotel room inspired, lol
Closet on the left side and window on the right
Desk became so messy right after I moved back to my room
Wondering on how to decorate my shelf
Got obsessed folding and cleaning my closet until 2am

I had a little help of course. I did all the cleaning then our helpers helped me covered everything with newspapers and then removed and cleaned it again after the painting was done. In the middle, I got so tired after I’ve done at least 3 walls and 2 coating, so I finally asked mama if she can call our carpenter, hahaha. So he did the rest. And mama was so supportive, she even bought me new side lamps and other materials needed, hahaha. Lucky to have a generous mom like mine.

Little by little, I’m throwing the things I haven’t been using, clothes that I haven’t worn for a long time and actually almost 50% of what my room used to have. My new rule is to keep it simple and clean. Hopefully, I can keep that rule. But as you can see from my desk, clutter was already starting to pile up.

I did some DIY boxes as my organizers and will be doing some more decorations. As of now, I’m just removing things as possible.


8 thoughts on “Newly painted room”

  1. Wow! It looks soo grown up compared to your previous design. Nice! Yan din color palette ng room ko, pero I painted lines that mimic bamboo stalks on my wall. Good job!

    As you can tell, Im now stalking your blog.haha

    1. Hello Zhaun, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment… Laki ng difference ng room nu? hahaha I can’t even believe why I chose orange way back before hahaha…

  2. Your room is so beautiful! I am amazed at your willpower to paint the room yourself. I say, well done! How I wish I can revamp my room too. Right now it looks like the bedroom of a typical k-drama heroine–a hodge podge of everything.

    1. Hahaha… I was amazed rin actually that i was totally pushed to finally do it… hopefully i can keep it as clean as possible hahaha

  3. Wow!!! Congrats on your new room! Love the simplicity. 🙂 And thumbs up for having the courage to let go of some of your stuff. Reminds me that I also need to do mine very soon. Been putting it off for so many months now hoping I would still fit in my clothes! LOL!

    Looking forward to more pics when your shelf has kawaii stuffs na. 🙂

    1. One thing I can’t let go off are the paper goods… my golly! It’s piled up like smokey mountain but its so hard to let go hahaha.

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