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One of the challenging thing for me is to play and maximize the use of paper materials… I’ve been thinking on how paper can be more practical, useful and sturdy all at the same time.

Then while I was drinking my coffee and used my corkboard coaster, I’ve thought why not try a printed coasters instead. There came an idea but the challenged was how to make it reusable. Eventually, I was able to figure out how to resolved it and viola… I printed it on a 280gsm coated paper then cold laminated so it can now be reused anytime.

We can use some photos or simply add the names of your guests to make it more personal. Nonetheless, it is another way to impress your guests buy not spending that much plus it totally practical, whether you’re in your home or offices, right?

If you’re interested, simply email me at designsofartisan(at)gmail(dot)com for inquiries.


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  1. hi! what kind of printer do you use for papers more than 250gsm? my printer can’t take thick papers/cardstocks. this is a really great idea, btw. thanks in advance! =)

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