Hongkong with the family

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I am so blessed that I am able to travel in different places specifically Asia. Last October, my family went to Hongkong and Macau for a long vacation. Although, I’ve been to Hongkong 2 years ago, but not much changes there. However, I was able to go to Macau early this year and hotels were sprouting like mushrooms in a very short span.

I used my iPhone 3gs {I named it Jaden} and Instagram for the small details during my trip. It’s very helpful and I love the vintage look it gives like lomography. Then I used picasa so I can create this collage {you should try it; very simple to navigate and it’s free}.

[1]  I love drinking juice, mango juice to be exact and I am so happy to see a nice bottle of juices on our first day.

[2]  Hongkong has such a beautiful cityscape especially during at night. With all the bright lights from the tall buildings, the lights somehow reflected from the sky.

[3]  I know it’s odd to find a western food instead of a chinese food on a chinese land from my photos. But these sandwiches were just worth it. Delish and healthy.

[4]  I am starting to love patterns. And this brick floor from Disneyland Hongkong was just perfect for a photo right?

[5]  Another from Disneyland Hongkong, while waiting for fireworks display. I don’t know but there’s really something about it that feels magical regardless what age you were. My sister and I and even my mom felt like we’re like princesses {quoted from my sister, haha}.

[6]  So I can’t help it! Everywhere I go, I’m always attracted to nice graphic designs. And this one was spotted in a mall while we were walking. I just love how simple the yarn was assembled to form letters. Very creative.

[7]  While having fries at the Disneyland Hongkong cafe. How cute is that? Even their ketchup must looked like mickey.

[8]  Those were the vintage inspired items that I have and I’m loving them. Anna Sui make-up kit {the mirror and passport holder has no names}.

[9] A very lovely flower from an Italian Restaurant near our hotel. They had the best carbonara ever. {I’m just sorry, I totally forgot the name of that Resto but it’s very near City Garden Hotel}

Remember how blessed I am? Well I truly am because tonight, I’m leaving for Hongkong once again. This time with Heintje and his partner in GreenTomato to shoot for a wedding. Woah! A foreign client! Super cool that I just have to go with them too, haha. I’ll be gone for a week. I hope I can still catch up with my blogging… will keep you posted!


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