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One thing if you’re a graphic designer… you’re aware with all the designs that surrounds your company {or maybe that’s just me, haha}. Anyway, our coffeeshop {Yellow Hauz} needs another set of Official Receipt and I’m here to revamp our old and not so well thought design receipt. I wasn’t a graphic designer back then so it didn’t matter much to me. But now I just can’t let our customers see an ugly receipt {no offense from the previous printing press, hehe}

This is what I came up with… I used our logo {coffee plant} as the background to give a pleasing look. Sorry never liked receipts, that’s why I have to make it attractive.

This was inspired from Nubby Twiglet invoice design. Just the right inspiration I’m looking for… I love how she made her invoice looked elegant and still says “we mean serious business”. She also stated the things you should include in your invoice, such a great timing!

Anyway here’s what I did with Artisan’s invoice and official receipt a year ago. I was still using the damask pattern to match my paper bag. But I’m thinking of changing it once it will run out.

If only all the receipts and invoices have lovely designs, I think they wouldn’t give me such headache, haha… I wonder how you did yours?


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