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Few days ago, I posted about the Etsy Made in Canada vendors from stationery, jewelry and home decors. I really had to control myself from spending most of my travel budget for those beautifully handmade products. But I cannot leave that handmade market without getting myself something. Of course, it had to fit my budget.

Here are the small knick knocks I got for myself…

Magnetic Bookmarks {Hello, Typewriter} from Crafted Van • Feather Brass Ring by Fancy Pop • Metal Brass Bracelet by Mint and Birch

For some reason, I have different collections of bookmarks from my travels and I just realised that by now.

Accessories on the other-hand are my first love. I started from handmade jewelry actually and not paper. Until now, I still make some and displayed in my store. That’s why, it always catches my attention whenever I see jewelries.

Now that I have some new bling, I think it would be nice to pair it with a watch, yes?

Oh, here’s a little fact about me. I feel odd whenever I am not wearing a watch. I actually sleep with a watch on my wrist, seriously. I don’t know, maybe as an artisan, I like accessorising my hands or I am just trying to justify it, hehe.So, here I am catching myself eyeing on these trendy watches from Casio in Zalora. So many designs to choose from but these three were my top pick. How I can ever resist leather and gold? It goes perfectly with my new ring and bracelet, right? I think the one on the right though is really classic. What do you think?

Anyway, the official sabbatical leave will be over soon. I’ll be back home by next week. I feel a little emotional because I’ll be away with sister again, plus I am really loving Vancouver now that I just don’t want to leave yet. However, I’m also excited to go home because I have so many ideas that I want to happen before the holiday season. And a lot of blogging posts and design deadlines to catch up.


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