Etsy Made in Canada: Home Decor, Baby Toys, Accessories

Artisan Life Bazaar + Exhibit Travel w/ Me

I’ve showed you the stationeries and jewelries from Etsy Made in Canada and if you’re like me, I’m pretty sure, you’d wish you can buy from all of them.

Well, Etsy Made in Canada was not just about stationery and jewelry. Everything handmade can found there. And that’s what I love about it. There were many things you can choose from and it’s all handmade. Let me show some of the vendors that I also love.

Tessa Manu PhotographyLeather Bags
Quotes and Notes

Noble Beeswax Candles

Red Cloud Boutique

Lauren By Design

Bird on Elephant

And there you go… from stationeries, jewelries, home decors, baby toys and other accessories, it was just so overwhelming. Wait until I’ll show you the coffee shops here. Oh, so many things to blog so little time, hehe.

Here’s my Etsy Shop in case you want to check mine. It’s empty for now but, I’m working on it…


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